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We were missing items from our last takeaway order

Emma, 09 May 2021

Hi. We ordered 2 x Sujok but only got 1.

James, 08 May 2021

When I click on the + sign for each dish it doesn’t tell me whether it has been accepted so I have to look at the basket

Reuben, 08 May 2021

Great food as usual. Not keen on the one use plastic containers though (if they are) they used to use the metal ones for our lamb main but it’s plastic now. As I said amazing food though and has been for the 10 years I’ve been having it.

Matthew, 07 May 2021

Great food, great service. Thank you! ☺

Sandi, 02 May 2021

Always good food and very tasty

Tegan, 01 May 2021

The best place ever for food!!

Claire, 01 May 2021

Beautiful cuisine

Isaac, 30 Apr 2021


Richard, 27 Apr 2021

Dear Yara Team, I recently had a takaway from you, it was absolutly fantastic. I had the the Hommus Shawarma, Shami Rice and the Kafta Kebab. The meat wasn't dry and it was flavoursome. As was the Mixed Kebab, Falafel, Salmon Steak and the Loubieh. This standard is constant and you have excellent chefs you have a great menu and format. Thank you and A salaam alaikum.

Saul Rifkincarroll, 27 Apr 2021

Thank u

Laura, 24 Apr 2021

Lovely meals

Pamela, 20 Apr 2021

Freshly prepared and well cooked food.

Jo, 14 Apr 2021


Michael, 13 Apr 2021


Charlotte, 11 Apr 2021

Can you please let me know if/when you are taking bookings for a table after 17 May? Thanks

Sandra Lockyear , 09 Apr 2021

First class as always

Thomas, 09 Apr 2021

Hi! We ordered our favorite aubergine salad x2 again tonight, and for the THIRD time it had no aubergine in it!!!! Really surprising after we flagged this in feedback before - we thought the aubergine was going to definitely be in it again. We think your food is lovely, but were so disappointed to get no aubergine in our two aubergine salads again.

Erica, 03 Apr 2021

Delicious !

Alison, 02 Apr 2021

The chicken shawarma we have just ordered is totally inedible - reheated and dried out. This is such a shame when everything else is delicious. In would appreciate a refund for this thank you

Wendy Littman, 01 Apr 2021

The Food was very good, but the only thing that spoilt it, was the fact that there were no pitta breads provided for the Hummus Dip. It is mentioned in the description of the dip so we were expecting the bread to be provided. If the bread is not included then can you please make that clear on the menu.

Jeff, 28 Mar 2021

  Reply : Hi thanks for feedback Normally we send bread with hummus But must have been a mistake .very sorry hopefully will not happen again Thanks

Food fantastic as always but please go back to the standard pitta bread. The new one is too thick and doughy.

Simon, 25 Mar 2021

Family favorite

Jeff, 25 Mar 2021

This is a first so not wanting to make a huge fuss but the pita bread was not included with the Houmous this time.

Ian, 20 Mar 2021

Never disappointed which is why we keep coming back for more

Ian, 20 Mar 2021

we liked everything-very tasty!

Jackie, 20 Mar 2021