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Consistently great!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Justin, 28 Nov 2020

It doesn’t tell you how many of each dishes you have ordered until you check the final order.

Reuben, 22 Nov 2020

Thank you for a truly delicious takeout. Everything was perfect. We will 100% be back!

Kim, 21 Nov 2020

Love YAra

Ben, 21 Nov 2020

Not yet received

Lester, 21 Nov 2020

Excellent service and extremely tasty food

Ally, 16 Nov 2020

Always very nice!!

Sean, 10 Nov 2020

Always very nice!!

Sean, 10 Nov 2020

Two items were missing from my order - the hummus and the chicken wings. Please arrange a refund and call me if you need my card details to do that

Carol, 07 Nov 2020


Nico, 07 Nov 2020

First time with Yara takeaway, but eaten there several times and have really enjoyed what have been very tasty and generous dishes

David, 07 Nov 2020

Order from here with confidence!

Hannah, 06 Nov 2020

This was the best birthday meal ever! Lovely selection of food. Excellent quality, really tasty. Thank you! ☺

Sandi, 05 Nov 2020

Very good

Jonathan, 01 Nov 2020

our favourite takeaway!

Scott, 30 Oct 2020

Food was amazing as always, especially when we are in isolation.xx

Gemma , 22 Oct 2020

Love that you can order and pay on the website and that it was ready as promised.

Martin, 17 Oct 2020

£300 delivery and 50p service charge £3.50 in charges is ridiculous.

William, 09 Oct 2020

The food was really good, as was Abdu’s service.

Sadie, 03 Oct 2020

Food was excellent, as was Abdu’s service

Liya, 03 Oct 2020

I would like to leave a tip for Abdu who served us this evening.

Dave Hudson, 30 Sep 2020

A bit pricey

Lubna, 23 Sep 2020

Excellent food!

Allan, 20 Sep 2020

To whom it may concern, I visited Yara last night. My friend and I are both sufferers of coeliac disease. We specifically ordered gluten free bread with our respective starters, which were falafel and hummus dip. When the starters arrived the waitress expressly guaranteed that the accompanying pitta bread was gluten free. We were later made aware by another waiter that it was in fact, not gluten free bread. I have suffered all night and considerably today with the side effects of consuming gluten. I am very disappointed as I specifically chose to attend Yara due to the gluten free options and had recommended it to friends who suffer from coeliac disease. I often dine in at Yara and it is one of favourite restaurants, and I am very disappointed by how the situation was handled last night. No apologies were made and there was no attempt to adequately replace the food. I understand that mistakes can be made but I do not feel like the situation was appropriately handled. The waiter was not apologetic. I believe that your employees must be trained to be aware of the side effects and dangers of consuming gluten when one has an intolerance to it. It is a health and safety issue which can cause considerable immediate and long term health problems from sufferers of coeliac disease. I look forward to your reply. Best wishes, Anna Bridgeman

Anna Bridgeman, 20 Sep 2020

Can not fault the service. However the food was undercooked, very dry. Best part of the dish was chips. Wouldn’t eat here again unless it was free and even then I would have to think about it.

Parrie, 09 Nov 2019